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We hope we can help you find everything you need. Here at Sweet Southern Stables we are focused on providing high-quality service and - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Sweet Southern Stables is family owned and operated being a very versatile barn opening our doors to all breeds of horses.  With many different services offered such as boarding, breeding, Quality Pleasure horse sales and professional farrier services...etc! Our goal here at Sweet Southern Stables is to make our horses and customers happy and provide a great experience enjoying horses performing at their best!  We use natural ways of training and our horses are ridden a represented honestly we work on time, patience and trust! With over 100 acres to ride on our horses are ridden and exposed to many things and even worked on our obstacle course! Here at the farm we enjoy meeting new people and working with all breeds, so don't be a stranger! We look forward to meeting you and your equine partner!
A Little About What We Do Here  ...
Nick and Tara both enjoy all breeds and we like to think of ourselves as a very versatile barn. We have shown Racking, Spotted Saddle and Walking Horses compete in rodeos and in our down time you can always find us on the trails! We enjoy the the smooth relaxing ride of our gaited horses. We enjoy the gaited breed because of their loving gentle nature and versatility in anything you ask them to do, all with a smooth glide ride! Here at Sweet Southern Stables we take our time in working with our horses to ensure the best for the horse and owner. We work on patience, ground manners, saddle time, bit and guiding, desensitizing, and much more! We want you to be happy as well as the horse and we take what we do serious! We offer many different types of Training from basic halter and ground training, show training and performance, and then we have our trail horse and obstacle training. Horses need experience while in training and we provide that with over a 100 acres to ride on just around the farm to our odd and mind challenging obstacle course to loading up and hauling to big trail rides. We don't just offer training we also offer  Boarding and we have even opened our farm as a foster to some unwanted horses, we enjoy being able to help with them and rehabilitate them into great safe horses and place them in great forever homes. Then we offer a Sales and Brokering service for those who want to sale their horses but don't want to deal with the hassle or don't have the time. We will never offer a horse for sale that we don't know or trust we spend weeks and months putting hard work and training into our horses to make sure they are something that can be trustworthy, safe, and fun to enjoy. We are as honest if there is a flaw or habit a horse possesses we will let you know, we would want to know! Many of our horses we have even raised. With our brokering services theses horse are to be evaluated we don't just take anything and market it for sale! We also offer much more so Please feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our . There's much more to come!


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